Re: You might not need machine learning

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Hey, I really liked your article. It inspired me to reimplement your 
programm in rust (which I am currently learning) and I wrote a small 
article on my blog about it. You can find it here if you want:


I get that the linked code is just to quickly throw a demo together, but 
I would still ask you to try to make an effort for more readable code 
next time - it was a pretty tough read.

I am currently trying to figure out why my cars crash more often then 
yours :)

Thanks a lot,

Re: You might not need machine learning

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Thanks for sharing, Kaligule! I like that you included your own 
animations — very illustrative of the usefulness in debugging. I've 
added a link to your article from my article. Once it's ready, I'm 
interested in seeing a link to your Rust source in your article.

You're right about my code. I do normally make a final pass to clean up 
for ease of reading / understanding. I was mostly interested in testing 
my idea, so I did some janky things that should have been done better, 
like the way I simultaneously overdraw and underfill my car rectangles. 
Since I didn't tidy up this time, I hid the source code link at the 
bottom of my article, and instead focused on the concepts rather than my 
particular implementation of them.
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