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I read your blog and found what I just needed!

let me give my brief intro here - I am a third-year college student with computer engineering as a major, from Pune, MH, India.

I am enthusiastic about the C language and I want to learn about operating systems and game development. but these task requires a very thorough level of understanding of the C (as you already know). But in my case, my knowledge of C lies between somewhere between basic to medium level. I want to learn more about C so I can comfortably code in C. Problem with advancing my knowledge in C lang and game dev is no one is around me doing it as everyone is "upgrading" themselves in JS and Python and ML, DL and web dev, and seeing C as an absolute technology (but not in my case). That's why I couldn't find anyone who can mentor and evolute me and I think your blog has everything I needed.

As you mentioned in your blog you take interns, so I think you could mentor me. Trained by such esteemed developer like would be the greatest opportunity for me. So please let me know if you are interested.


Amol Katkade
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