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Andrew Dailey
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First off, thank you for all that you've written! I've been a
long-time follower of your blog and easily consider it to be one of my
favorites. I'm a big fan of C programming and have learned so much
about how to embrace minimalism and portability in the code that I

I used to mess around with OpenGL back in the day but only in a
Linux-specific context: writing cross-platform C wasn't something I
understood at the time. This post was really exciting to read because
it demonstrated a clean solution to something that I hadn't ever been
able to solve. I love the idea of using mingw for Windows builds and
keeping each platform's Makefile separate and clean. I also love
downloading the Windows-specific static library for GLFW3 at
build-time. Such a great tactic!

Your website inspired me to start a blog of my own. It's still young
but I do enjoy what I've made of it so far. One of the posts that I
knew I wanted to write was an SDL2-focused version of this demo. I've
used both GLFW3 and SDL2 in the past but have since grown to prefer
the latter. In addition to using SDL2 over GLFW3, I wrote a small
OpenGL function loader to obviate the need for gl3w. I wrote a post
specific to that process, as well.

The links to the two posts are here in case you want to check them out:

I hope that writing a sort of "continuation" based on your post is
okay permission-wise. If not, please let me know! I'll make any
citation / content changes necessary to be sure that credit is given
where credit is due.

Once again, I appreciate all the work you've done. The story of the
student you mentored was incredibly wholesome and it was great to see
how much Dan got out of the experience. I read all of your posts and
am looking forward to whatever comes next! Thanks again.

Andrew Dailey
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