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Tomás Ortí <tomasorti@gmail.com>
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Hi Chris.
I know this is an old post regarding Emacs Live Browser Interaction.
I am trying to replicate what it is shown in the video, but I am not able to.
I can replicate the demos till the boids.js one, which by the way is
the one I was more interested in…

Emacs shows boids.js loaded in the minibuffer, but nothing appears in Chrome.
I ran demo1.js, demo2.js and demo3.js successfully.

I can see you loaded (or switched to buffer) to demo4.js, same for
boids.js and then hit C-c C-k.
That command is supposed to load the current buffer (boids.js), but as
I mentioned, the minibuffer shows boids.js loaded, and nothing is
started in the Chrome tab.
Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot it?

I am guessing this could be caused by an issue with the browser…
Have you recently tested it?

Best Regards.
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