Nice concurrency article

Justine Tunney <jtunney@gmail.com>
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Chris, I was delighted and deeply impressed when I saw these today:


I added a bunch of your code to a project I'm working on, called
Cosmopolitan Libc which I think is something you would like:


It's only been in the last few days that threading support was
introduced so it's been great to have an opportunity to learn from
your content.

Here's an invitation to our Discord chatroom where we work on it. You
would be most welcome. Please stop by and say hello.
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Thanks, Justine! I've already been an admirer of your work with APE, 
Cosmopolitan, SectorLISP, and redbean. While I haven't built anything on 
them — yet? they're a bit outside my usual target niche — I've learned 
from your work and these projects, and I align with the philosophy.

> I added a bunch of your code to a project I'm working on

Great, and thanks for sharing this! That's exactly the sort of outcome I 
like to see: literally copy-paste the useful stuff, adapt it to the local 
context (style, interfaces), and take ownership. I'm also happy to hear 
about Cosmopolitan getting threading.
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