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Hey Skeeto!

I have read your very good blogpost about SDL, and you seem very knowledgable on the subject. Since the tutorial series for SDL written in C could be counted on one finger, I think it would be a public service to share your knowledge with others, and perhaps even profitable. Some of the things you know can't even be found in the header files.

Maybe you can make a blog series or a video series where you outline the tips and trick and teach people how to use the headers, and make a little project with good C and SDL form in a substantiated manner.
Don't know about your other projects, but I think it would be cool. Maybe you can even get the jumpstart and make the first SDL3 tutorial for C. :O $bling$ $bling$ haha. But imagine how popular you would be. I hope they fix the Wiki for SDL3 because it is only marginally better than the header files, and they only have limited comments, and you have to literally go into a function and see what it does and hope it doesn't address some secret global variable that you can't find anywhere (at least that's my experience).

Other than that I have a little question about the #include"SDL.h" part. My understanding is that quoted includes try to find the library first in your local folder, and then expand to the known list of places. I'm unsure how this is linked to the sdl2-config script, and how it is superior to the normal system #include <SDL.h> (unless you literally put the library in your folder and want to use that specific one over the system one.)

keep on rocking! :)
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Thanks for the kind words, biker95!

Sometimes I have considered making videos in addition to writing on a 
topic, since some concepts are just better when seen in action. I just 
never take the time to sort out the details.

> I hope they fix the Wiki for SDL3

Since it's a wiki and an open source project, is that also not in your 
hands as well? :-)

> a little question about the #include "SDL.h" part 

I couldn't find a hard answer about this, and the best source I have is an 
SDL maintainer discussing it briefly (the video series I linked in my SDL2 
article). Brackets vs. quotes is mainly convention as far as C compilers 
are concerned, and quotes communicates that you're picking up an SDL.h not 
necessarily installed on the system, but found through compiler flags. If 
you have a custom SDL2 in, say, your home directory, and you call its 
sdl2-config when you compile, the header is "local" in a sense.
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