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Re: Subcommand completion panicked from short argument conflict 25 days ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

> I have encountered a situation that the `himalaya` command compiled from 
> the latest commit 4b60379 panicked when executing `completion` 
> subcommand like himalaya completion bash.
> After a quick investigation, it turns out that there are two '-c' short 
> flags defined, which are listed as follows.

Indeed clap is unable to handle multiple arguments with the same
names. Thank you for pointing it out. The task [#39] will break the
current API, the -c option may not be needed anymore and the conflict
may disappear by itself.

I propose to keep this issue open and see after [#39] how things are

Re: Bug report: Himalaya fails to run with 'No such file or directory' error since v6.1 30 days ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya


> I am a user of Himalaya, a CLI to manage my emails. I really like your
> project and appreciate your work.

Such a pleasure to read comments like this, thank you!

> However, I encountered a bug when I tried to run Himalaya v6.1 on my
> Linux machine. I installed Himalaya v6.1 from the binary file
> downloaded from the github. When I executed it, I got the following
> error message:
> "No such file or directory"

Re: [PATCH mml v2] Use clap's derive feature for argument parsing a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

Patch applied, thanks a lot! It is sth I always wanted to do but I was
scared not to have the same behaviour as before.

Re: [PATCH] Make sendmail-cmd optional a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

Patch applied, thank you!

Re: [PATCH mml] Change command name to "mml" a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

Patch applied, a new release is on its way. Thank you!

Re: [PATCH] Add homepage and repository to all crates a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

Thank you for the patch, I applied it manually because I just changed
the name and the structure of libraries.

Re: Was Libera.Chat portalled or plumbed? 2 months ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

> The IRC room is now almost empty. I think the link to Matrix is missing.
> What can we do about it?

If I do not mistake, the chat bot was successfuly removed because it was
continuously kicking people from inactivity :/

Re: New traits refactor proposal 2 months ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

>  /// Connect and disconnect operations on a backend.
>  pub trait Connect {
>      fn connect(&mut self) -> Result<()>;
>      fn disconnect(&mut self) -> Result<()>;
>  }

Not sure to see the benefits of this trait, in which case we would do
different code depending on whenever a backend implemented connect or
not? For example the Maildir backend does not need this trait, yet it is
a fully functional one.

>  /// Trait for managing flags on messages.
>  pub trait ManageFlags {
>      fn add_flag(&mut self, folder: &str, id: &str, flags: email::Flag) -> Result<()>;

Re: [PATCH] docs: re-export Backend/Sender 2 months ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

Patch applied, thank you :)

> Some additional documentation about the duality between the two traits
> is also added to the lib root.
> ---
>  email/src/lib.rs | 20 ++++++++++++++++++++
>  1 file changed, 20 insertions(+)
> diff --git a/email/src/lib.rs b/email/src/lib.rs
> index 582b8ee..7e88d61 100644
> --- a/email/src/lib.rs
> +++ b/email/src/lib.rs
> @@ -15,6 +15,21 @@
>  //!  - [`Flag`](email::Flag)

Re: Forking repo 3 months ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

> Hey!

Hi, nice to meet you!

> So, I'm thinking of forking this repo and implementing a graphical
> interface with vim-like keybinds (probably going to call it something
> like qutemail).

Not sure to understand the purpose of forking, you can just use directly
the lib `pimalaya-email` and build your GUI at the top of it. A bit like
the CLI works actually: <https://github.com/soywod/himalaya.git>.

Just for information, there is a working prototype of a GUI at
<https://github.com/soywod/himalaya-gui>, based on `egui`.