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Re: Help Composing Markdown Formatted Messages 7 days ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya


> First, I am really enjoying this tool - it's nice to use a text editor
> to compose emails I look foward to seeing this tool get built out!

Really happy to hear that! We should reach the v1 very soon.

> Second, is it possible to compose messages using markdown formatted
> text and have it converted to an HTML email. I'm not familiar at all
> with how to interleave HTML into plain text emails - and a quick
> Google didn't reveal a standard for doing so - though I'm sure one is
> out there I just haven't found it yet.
> My main goal is I would like to compose emails and have certain

[maildirpp] Improve compatibility a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~kmaasrud/inbox

Hey Magnus,

I hope you are doing well! I wanted to share with you an issue I am
facing with the maildirpp crate. Here the thing:

- The Maildir standard does not provide anything about folders
  hierarchy. One Maildir targets one mailbox. The way to structure
  folders is up to the client. Let's say someone uses the mail
  synchronizer [mbsync]. The Maildir folder hierarchy is specific to
  mbsync: name of the inbox folder, nested vs flatten folders, folder
  name encoding/decoding of special characters etc. If someone wants to
  migrate from mbsync to [OfflineIMAP], it will probably not work.

- The Maildir++ standard restricts a bit more the hierarchy, as every

Re: [PATCH] Fix the bug that prevent opening email a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

> I fixed a bug that prevent opening email. It is caused by matchstr()
> returning nothing.

The regex was not up-to-date anymore. Patch applied, thank you!

Clément DOUIN

Re: [PATCH] Allow user to customize HimalayaUnseen hl-group a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

> Due to how vim handles priorities in syntax definitions (last one
> takes precedence), defining the HimalayaUnseen highlight group allows
> the user to customize it in e.g. a {ft,}plugin file. This is because
> the himalaya-vim plugin files are loaded last, meaning that any syntax
> match rule from himalaya-vim that overlaps with the user-defined ones,
> will take precedence. Without this if users were to define the
> HimalayaUnseen highlight group themselves, it wouldn't have any effect
> as all Himalaya* highlight groups defined by himalaya-vim would
> overlap with it.

Patch applied, thank you!


Re: [PATCH] Match HimalayaHead hl-group last to give priority a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

> By matching the HimalayaHead highlight group last, vim gives it
> priority and highlights it correctly. From vim's ':syn-priority' help:

Patch applied, thank you!

Clément DOUIN

Re: Using the pool / watching envelopes a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

> For my email app, I am trying to use the `watch_envelopes` feature in
> order to be notified about new incoming emails in a folder. The watch
> should be running in an async function in the background while the
> client can still list and switch folders and messages.
> I had expected that this could be solved using the `pool` feature.

When a client is in watch mode (IDLE for IMAP), then it cannot do
anything else. So you definitely need a different client for watching
and for the rest.

> Unfortunately, it seems not to work or I am using it wrong.
> Is there anything else that needs to be done in order to make use of

Re: [PATCH] fix typo a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

Thanks for the fix, nice catch! Patch applied.

Clément DOUIN

Re: [PATCH] allow using only ASCII characters a month ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

Thank you for your patch and sorry for the delay.

> Add the global flag '--ascii'. When specified this will replace
> unicode characters such as the ones used to represent message flags
> with ASCII characters.

In my opinion it should not be a global CLI option, but rather a config
option that users could customize. Could be even better to let users
customize the character they want to display, per flag. But it would
require more work to achieve this. Let's reuse the issue you
accidentally opened:


Re: Himalaya - unable to list envelopes querying for flag 2 months ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

>> The KEYWORD command was used for flags, but it should only be used
>> for keywords. I fixed the matter and now it works as expected.
> Thanks for fixing this. Is that something I can pull down and test as
> well? (I install via `cargo install --git ....`) I tried a rebuild,
> but I'm not able to list unread messages, for example. Perhaps I'm
> using incorrect syntax.

The branch is too unstable for now, I have issues with the new IMAP
lib. Better to wait for next release. Sorry for the inconvenience!

> What is the correct syntax to use to show unread messages with this
> new change?

Re: Himalaya - unable to list envelopes querying for flag 2 months ago

From Clément DOUIN to ~soywod/pimalaya

>> The IMAP query being sent is:
> This lists all messages in my INBOX and produces the same output when
> I change `\Unseen` to `\Seen`. Removing the `NOT` results in no
> message UIDs being returned in both cases.
> I then played with changing the -X and found that removing `KEYWORD`
> and the leading slash produces correct results. Here's the output of
> Seen and Unseen and their negated versions as well:
> Hope this makes sense.