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4 tasks were remaining from the planing I set up in the Memorandum of Pendulum established by nlnet:

- Improve end-to-end encryption
- Support proxies
- Customize list command output fields
- Improve local draft management

I started to dig the first one, and I am now convinced that implementing the [Autocrypt] standard is the best option to bring end-to-end encryption for everyone, because it hides all the burden related to key management. With [Autocrypt], you do not need to know about encryption to use it. The problem is that it does not fit the original task from the planing. So I asked nlnet if we could exchange all the remaining tasks for [Autocrypt], and I just got a positive answer with an active amendment!

Implementing the [Autocrypt] standard using [rPGP] is officially the last milestone from the nlnet donation. Let's pray Pimalaya will receive another donation next year.

Thank you all for you support! 

[Autocrypt]: https://autocrypt.org/
[rPGP]: https://github.com/rpgp/rpgp
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