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Re: US sanctions on qaul infrastructure 2 months ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

Just wanting to document progress that's been going on regarding
qaul.net infrastructure

On 19-08-01 06:35, Alyssa Ross wrote:
> As has recently been widely discussed around the web, any company that
> does business in the USA has to comply with sanctions which require not
> providing most services to several regions around the world. It has come
> to light recently because GitHub has begun to restrict what users in
> these regions can do on github.com.

We're currently in the process of migrating to our own gitlab [1]
(which is actually for a related project and can be used by more
people than just qaul.net devs). It allows for OAuth signup via
gitlab.com and github.com, but also easy account registration.

Hello mailing list 4 months ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

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Hey all,

this is going to be one of qaul.net's two mailing list and is meant as a
starting point for anyone who wants to ask questions and can't/ doesn't
want to do it on out zulip [1].

You can also submit patches here. Please refer to the contributers guide
in the docs for more details.