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Re: [PATCH] docs: fix Markdown link syntax 1 year, 2 months ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

Hey there,

thank you for the patch.  It took a while to merge it, but it's in our
repo at git.qaul.org now!

- Katharina

Alexander Krotov <link2xt@testrun.org> writes:

> ---
>  libqaul/src/api/mod.rs | 2 +-
>  1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

Worklog/ update W27: alpha milestone 1 year, 10 months ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

Hello qaul.net community mailing list,

I just pushed some changes to the main branch (develop) that implement
most of the android glue code to make the app actually work (the
wifi-direct connection mode is partially implemented and needs some
channel magic in kotlin to work).

There's some caveats though, only the chat service is exposed, and after
user creation it's currently not possible to change your name.  Expect

If you find anything that blocks you from continuing, please e-mail me
(Cc to kookie@spacekookie.de), and I'll have a look before the 13th of
july.  AFTER the 13th of July I'll be off the grid for 2 weeks!)

Re: [PATCH 1/2] clients/android: don't override USER in build.sh 1 year, 11 months ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

Hey there,

>>  if [ $1 = "dev" ]; then
>>      echo "Attaching shell for repeated builds."
>>      echo "Don't invoke gradle yourself! Use 'client/android/.build_nested.sh' instead!"
>>      echo "Don't forget to run 'export USER=$USER GROUP=$GROUP'!"
> This should have been changed too, but I'm not sure what these
> instructions are actually for.  I think the idea is that
> .build_nested.sh uses them, but looking at the source for that, it
> actually uses positional arguments instead.
> So I'm not really sure what to do with this until that's clarified.

Re: [Katharina Fey] Git web UI 1 year, 11 months ago

From Katharina Fey to ~spacekookie/public-inbox

Hey Vladan,

> I've read quite a bit of your thoughts on git and I love it. Kudos!

Thanks!  It's hard to communicate things sometimes, and I hope I'll
still get better at it!

> I'm kind of a selfhosted git enthusiast myself :) started making this on 
> the side https://git.vp.mk/ui/git-social.git/master/tree ... got stuck 
> on wrong library choices (tide) and the whole api + wasm thing was a 
> tryout, didn't really mean to go further with it. I plan on rewriting
> it [...]

Oh interesting!  I actually started working on basically this again

Re: Need a hand? 1 year, 11 months ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

Hey there!

Thanks for your e-mail.  I've taken the liberty to Cc this reply onto
our public mailing list.  The contact@ account is meant for more
specific inqueries and security related concearns.

> Anyway, I would not want to focus on JS, since I think this is a
> golden opportunity to learn rust. Maybe I could help with newbie
> issues? I´ve seen a single "good first issue" and it´s related to tag
> cloud

Unfortunately our issue tracker suffers from the same problem as most
issue trackers: it's not very well maintained.  And maintaining it up to

Re: Weekly status update (2020-21) 1 year, 11 months ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

> The amount of work that goes into Android client is staggering!
> I cannot imagine the work iOS might need. The "smart" phone
> ecosystem is pretty bleak, isn't it?

To an extent, yes.  I think a lot of the problems are generally just
bundling an application, i.e. going from "development" to "production"
phase.  But we should definitely be on the lookout for someone who can
do iOS development for the project in the future because I'm not feeling
like touching that x)


Weekly status update (2020-21) 2 years ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

Hey there,

I don't know why but this week went by extra quickly.  Most of the work
that was done has been around integrating the Rust codebase with various
platforms.  First I'm gonna go through changes that I made this week,
and then also highlight some contributions that made the project better
as a whole.

Android client

The biggy for this week is the Android client.  It basically didn't
exist last week, and today it exists.  Hurray!  Well, sort of.

Re: [PATCH 0/1] Prerequisite to file sharing API 2 years ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

> Sorry about sending an email without folding it properly. I will try to
> pay attention to this. Is this better?

Yea that works :)

Re: [PATCH 0/1] Prerequisite to file sharing API 2 years ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

Hey Aman :)

thanks for the patch.  Applies just fine, and all tests pass.  You
mentioned that the pipeline seemed to fail for you?  I pushed some stuff
a few hours ago that made all the tests work again that you might not
have in your working tree yet.

> Amanjeev Sethi (1):
>  .../{src/api => service/files/src}/files.rs   | 27 +++++++++----------

One note here, maybe rename the file to "types.rs", similar to how the
chat service is structured (having a file that handles types, detached
from the actual protocol).

Weekly status update (2020-20) 2 years ago

From Katharina Fey to ~qaul/community

Hey there,

welcome to the weekly rambly e-mail :)  The last week I wasn't nearly as
productive as the week before, but there's still some news to share, and
also things that I might need help with.  If you're interested in
helping out (but don't want to read all of this up-front), scroll to the
bottom of this e-mail to see a list of smaller-ish tasks that can be
helped with.

Let's dive in!

libqaul chat service