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Hi everyone,

Following up on my recent mail about moving the ftputil
infrastructure, I've set up a new mailing list at Sourcehut:


The list post address is


You can subscribe by sending a mail to


and unsubscribe by sending a mail to


The mails are all migrated - I only had to upload an mbox
archive of the old list.

Please send mail from now on (also) to the new list.

If no problems come up, I plan to retire the old list in
about two weeks and create redirections from

  https://lists.sschwarzer.net/listinfo/ftputil and



At the moment, the new list uses the Sourcehut default
configuration, which allows unsubscribed users to send mails
to the list. I hope the spam prevention of Sourcehut works
well. ;-) Depending on how much spam gets on the list, I may
have to restrict posting to subscribers.

The configuration possibilities for this list are relatively
limited compared to Mailman.

For example, I can't define a footer. I guess this is
intentional because Sourcehut's default development workflow
involves patch e-mails instead of pull requests, and
appending a footer would interfere with patch content.

The absence of a footer means there aren't
subscription/unsubscription instructions (in the mail body).
However, if you look at the mail header you'll see that the
list-related headers to subscribe and unsubscribe are

Please let me know if you run into problems and I'll see
what I can do about it.

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