New ftputil infrastructure testing and feedback

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Hi everyone! :-)

TL;DR: Unless I missed anything, all ftputil services are
now migrated, either in their final form or in test mode.
Please give feedback on the below points, if possible by
Friday, 2022-04-08.


Here's a follow-up on the ftputil infrastructure migration
(see also [1]).

[1] https://lists.sr.ht/~sschwarzer/ftputil/%3C551179d0-b28b-b1c4-4405-8e5263270047%40sschwarzer.net%3E

# Source code hosting

Two and a half months ago I already migrated the Mercurial
repository to a Git repository on Sourcehut [2]. I had
missed sending a note on that to the list, but I guess
that's still ok. At least the change was documented on the

[2] https://git.sr.ht/~sschwarzer/ftputil

# Tickets

During the last months I've worked on migrating the
remaining services. Since I didn't find a sufficient tool to
migrate the tickets, I ended up writing my own migration
script. I've created a tracker ftputil-test on Sourcehut.
[3] Note the "-test" suffix in the name! This isn't the
final version of the tracker, but I _think_ it should
practically be done. If you find some time, please compare
tickets from the old tracker [4] with the tickets from the
new one [3]. You can also try and enter new tickets if you

Some changes are:

- The new tracker doesn't support explicit milestones and

- The new tracker doesn't have a "component" field but has
   labels. I mapped the components to labels in the migration.

- The new tracker doesn't support attachments (at least not

- The comment numbers (relevant for URLs with fragments like
   `#comment:3`) may differ. That's because Trac adds
   comments for attachments and status changes, which aren't
   transferred to the new tracker to simplify the migration
   script a bit.

- Whereas the old tracker required entering text in a wiki
   syntax used only by MoinMoin and Trac (as far as I know),
   the new tracker uses Markdown (CommonMark, to be precise).
   That's the main reason I considered, but finally decided
   against, migrating the Trac instance and be done with it.

- I don't have to host the new tracker! :-)

Let me know if you find something odd or if you have
improvement suggestions. I won't be able to change the
Sourcehut code, but I can change the ticket migration

[3] https://todo.sr.ht/~sschwarzer/ftputil-test
[4] https://ftputil.sschwarzer.net/trac/query?status=assigned&status=closed&status=new&status=reopened&groupdesc=1&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=component&report=10&order=id

# Website

The new website at [5] - also still in test mode - consists
of static files, created with Jenkins [6] and the quite
flexible Minimal Mistakes theme [7]. (Yes, that's its name.
;-) )

I created redirects from the old to the ticket URLs on the
new website. That is, entering


brings you to


(The hash mark at the end effectively removes any
`#comment:` URL fragments, see above.)

I also created several redirects from old wiki page URLs to
the new URLs.

Do you think the new web site is done? Here are a few
things that could possibly be improved:

- Do you think the horizontal menu at the top (theme
   default) is ok or should we have a vertical menu on the
   left? (By the way, the theme makes sure that menu items
   that don't fit in the line are put under a "hamburger
   icon" on the right, so we don't "lose" menu items on
   narrower screens or bigger font sizes.)

   I thought about combining the "site menu" and the "on this
   page" menu on the left, but it doesn't seem to be possible
   with the theme, at least not easily. So having the site
   menu on the left and the "on this page" menu on the right
   would look a bit messy in my opinion.

- Where to put the version/changelog information [8]? (This
   is roughly the old download page, but without the download
   links.) I think the version information is important so
   that users can read the version history to decide whether
   they should upgrade and possibly to which version. So we
   shouldn't drop this information completely despite no
   longer providing the downloads.

- Should the versions table be changed to a conventional
   bullet point list? At the moment, I think the table should
   be fine. A list would take up much more space. In the
   table it's easier to check the changes in several versions
   without scrolling.

- The term "Documentation" in the site menu may be confusing
   because almost everything is some form of "documentation."
   (Actually the FAQ used to be part of the main
   documentation document.) The name "Documentation" and its
   content is chosen that way because my impression is that's
   what many projects mean by (API) "documentation", so using
   that name in the menu is probably less confusing than
   choosing any other name, even if it's "more correct."

- What do you think about the "Contributing" section at
   [9]? I hope it doesn't sound too discouraging. I'd like to
   avoid that someone puts in effort without having their
   contribution accepted afterward.

- As written at the end of the "Contributing" section, the
   way to actually contribute, review and merge patches isn't
   set in stone. Is this explained well enough or is the
   current wording too confusing? What could possibly be

- I updated the links in the pages to match the new URLs,
   but if you spot any omissions, please let me know.

- Does the order of the menu items make sense or are there
   reasons to change it (and which reasons)?

- Any other thoughts?

[5] https://ftputil-test.sschwarzer.net/
[6] https://jekyllrb.com/
[7] https://mademistakes.com/work/minimal-mistakes-jekyll-theme/
[8] https://ftputil-test.sschwarzer.net/versions
[9] https://ftputil-test.sschwarzer.net/community#contributing


I know this was a lot of text. I still hope you read a part
of it, and I would like to get your feedback, if possible by
Friday in a week, so I can work in your feedback on the
weekend after that. :-) If you want to give feedback but
can't manage it until next Friday, please let me know and
I'll wait. (But please give me an estimate.)

Best regards,
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On 2022-04-01 21:57, Stefan Schwarzer wrote:
> TL;DR: Unless I missed anything, all ftputil services are
> now migrated, either in their final form or in test mode.

The website including the ticket system is finally migrated.
If you find any problems, please let me know.

Best regards,
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