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PHP_CS: No command found with the name "com.thorlaksson.phpcs.commands.getAvailableStandards" 6 months ago

From Steven Frank to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

If you open a Nova project that has been stored in a state without any tabs open, then open its project settings and click on PHP_CodeSniffer, you will get an alert:

	No command found with the name “com.thorlaksson.phpcs.commands.getAvailableStandards”.
	Check to make sure the extension for the command is installed and up to date.

The quickest way to reproduce this is:

1. Create a new empty Finder folder, on your Desktop for example

2. Drag and drop that folder onto Nova's app icon

3. Open the Project Settings

4. Click PHP_CodeSniffer from the Project Settings sidebar

PHPCode_Sniffer settings seem to only work at project, not global, level 6 months ago

From Steven Frank to ~reykjalin/public-inbox


Thanks for this extension!

I'm noticing that if I open a "standalone" .php file (in other words, one that is not contained within a Nova "project" folder), it will always use the PEAR standard, regardless of what I have set in the global settings for the extension in the Extension Library.

But, if I put the same .php file in a folder, then open the folder in Nova, and configure PHPCode_Sniffer in Project Settings to use, say, PSR12, it will do so (after I close and re-open the .php file).

I spoke to Logan about this, and he says:

"Specifically, that preference issue is centered here: https://git.sr.ht/~reykjalin/nova-phpcs/tree/main/item/phpcs.novaextension/Scripts/environment.js#L177
config.selectedStandard() will never return a falsy value."

Thanks for your time!