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Re: Possible Bug In Stdlib 3 months ago

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>Did you install a new stdlib into /usr/local/src without removing the
>old one first?

I thought not, but now I looked through my history and see I deleted the wrong directory. Not the best move I've ever made!

Apologies for the blunder.


Possible Bug In Stdlib 3 months ago

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use os::exec;

export fn main() void = {

hare build test.ha
Error /usr/local/src/hare/stdlib/unix/getuid.ha:6:7: Duplicate global identifier 'unix::getuid'

using harec@a1aa5039bc199cfe56731dcdd4e1cb616a9ab7a5
using hare@7e4111ff454d6a2f742e32a27b867eb1cd4e0c8e

I did scroll through and notice that some work was done in this area over the past month or so.

Re: Harec Crashes During Build 8 months ago

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>I think that's harec way of telling you there's a mismatch between the
>type of the match expression and what you are matching against in the
>case branches.

That is a terrible error! Most of the match statements seem a bit nicer. Even
after tracking everything down, I really had no idea what the issue was unless
I were to dive into the compiler source...

>Try changing the io::file to net::socket in the second case.

That did work, thank you. Hopefully in the future those messages improve!

Harec Crashes During Build 8 months ago

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First off, thanks for creating such a fun language!

I was working on a project in Hare on and off. Whenever starting again I would pull
and rebuild harec and the stdlib every time before I started working (don't wanna
get left behind!).

Of course, after one pull I started getting some harec crash:

$ hare run test.ha
harec: src/types.c:448: const struct type *tagged_select_subtype(const struct type *, const struct type *): Assertion `tagged->storage == STORAGE_TAGGED' failed.
Error: harec: exited with signal 6
hare run: build failed