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Jonathan Sumner Evans <jonathanevans@mines.edu>
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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to give a couple reminders.

1. Regrade requests for Homework 2 and the Midterm are open until
   midnight tonight.

2. Worksheet 10 is due tonight at midnight.

3. Since we did not get to all of Worksheet 11, it is not due today.

4. You may have noticed that the TO field for this email is a mailing
   list. I uploaded an archive of all of the emails that I've sent to
	 there, and I've redirected the mail archive link to that archive.

	 You can access the archive via the web interface here:

Have a great weekend!

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Somebody smoked too much IntelliJ.
    -- Jared Lincenberg (referring to the creation of Kotlin)
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