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Jonathan Sumner Evans <jonathanevans@mines.edu>
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Hello everyone,

A few follow-ups from lecture.

* Worksheet 09 is due on Friday. Everyone will get credit for the last
  question (both parts) regardless of whether you put anything down
  because I messed up the calculation. I'll send out another email
  (probably sometime next week) with corrected solutions to that

* Project 2 is now due on *Sunday* (rather than Friday). I am *not*
  going to give extra-credit for submissions that are made before Friday
  because I want to encourage you to actually spend time creating a good
  custom prefetcher based on research.

* Homework 3 is due after Spring Break on April 7.

* The midterm:

  * It has been graded. Please take a look and submit any regrade
    requests by April 7th.

  * Problem 11.1: I have given any answer that says "unknown" full
    credit due to the nature of compiler optimizations. If there is
    a branch prediction problem on the final, I will provide the code in
    MIPS to make it clear what is happening.

  * Here are the grade statistics as they stand currently (pending
    outstanding regrade requests):

    Minimum:    30.5
    Maximum:    99.5
    Mean:       78.03
    Median:     79.0
    Std. Dev:   13.42

    Grade distribution per letter grade:

    A | (10) **********
    B | (17) *****************
    C | (19) *******************
    D | ( 8) ********
    F | ( 4) ****

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

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