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Recently, I completed a migration of offlinemsmtp to sourcehut (sr.ht).
This is due to a few reasons:

1. I like the speed and simplicity of the sourcehut interface.

2. GitLab keeps getting bloated with unnecessary features (dev ops,
   security/compliance features) that clutter the interface and make it
   difficult to use.

3. (This is the real catalyst for my decision to migrate) GitLab
   recently added a new "feature" that focuses the GitLab search bar
   when you type slash (/) anywhere on the webpage (besides when focused
   on a text box). This is totally unacceptable since I use an
   extension (Tridactyl) which adds Vim bindings many browser features
   including a binding to use / for "find in page". By capturing "/",
   GitLab prevents me from using the "find in page" functionality on
   their site (Ctrl+F is bound to a different feature in Tridactyl)
   making it very difficult to use since I use "find in page"
   functionality extensively.

   Due to this major usability regression, I decided it was time to
   migrate to sr.ht for as many projects as I could (this being the
   first major one).

An added benefit of sourcehut that I was unaware of before I migrated is
the amazing build system. There are many benefits to the way that
builds.sr.ht works:

1. There is an Arch Linux image. While GitLab allows you to use
   arbitrary Docker images, but there are no good Arch Linux Docker
   images out there. sourcehut provides an Arch Linux image for builds
   as one of the main supported environments.

2. The way that secrets are managed by sr.ht is really great. It's
   file-based, which means that I don't have to do any strange
   shenanigans with echoing secrets into files on the filesystem.
   Rather, the files are added directly to the build environment. There
   is also built-in support for adding SSH keys to your build
   environment (which is not applicable to this project, but is to a few
   others that I have).

3. The build steps are performed on the same machine (rather than in
   multiple containers as is the case with GitLab). This avoids a lot of
   overhead of spinning up containers and copying artifacts between

I've been wanting to migrate to sr.ht for a while, but I never had the
incentive to do so because my GitLab workflow has been fairly entrenched
for a while. However, as it became more apparent that GitLab does not
have it's users in mind when developing features, I decided that now is
the best time to move to a platform that I trust will not become bloated
with unnecessary/detrimental features.

Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at The Trade Desk
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