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Strange error with denote-link-ol-story 1 year, 1 month ago

From Sven Seebeck to ~protesilaos/denote

Hi Prot!

I have been getting a weird error message when restarting emacs with the
error-code: symbol's function definition is void: denote-link-ol-store.
It's weird because it all of a sudden showed up with me not updating or
changing anything.  I deleted the package (from ELPA), then re-installed
and it worked just fine before showing up again.

I cloned the repository now and that seems to be working just fine
again.  Not sure what is the issue here.

All the best,


Re: Exporting denote notes 1 year, 3 months ago

From Sven Seebeck to ~protesilaos/denote

Hi Philip,

Sorry for chiming in here. You could use ORG-PUBLISH for this.  It is
built-in and does not require any dependencies (RSS can be done as well,
but is slightly more involved).

>      (denote-export 'html "emacs" "/path/to/www/")
> that would export all notes tagged with "emacs" to html and write the
> results in the directory /path/to/www/.  Optionally a RSS or Atom feed
> could also be generated in this case.

I'm not sure would it be possible to achieve a tag-based export that
easily with ORG-PUBLISH but I could imagine it might be with some

Re: Modus Theme Custumization 1 year, 4 months ago

From Sven Seebeck to ~protesilaos/modus-themes

Hi Prot!

Thanks for your reply.

 > There isn't.  Perhaps there should be though.  What we have right now
 > are comments in the source code where the original colour palettes are
 > defined.

No problem. I will look through the code and will find what I'm looking 
for also. Also I figured I can just M-x modus-themes-list-colors and 
look for the right color there.

 > I know this sounds inefficient, though it works better for me than its
 > alternatives.

Re: Wrong type argument: stringp, 20 error in DENOTE 1 year, 4 months ago

From Sven Seebeck to ~protesilaos/tmr

Hi Prot!

 > Does this work for you?

 > (tmr "10" "Practice writing in my journal")

Yes! Now it does work the way it is expected!

Thanks and all the best,


Wrong type argument: stringp, 20 error in DENOTE 1 year, 4 months ago

From Sven Seebeck to ~protesilaos/tmr

Hi Prot!

I believe since the 0.4 update I run into an =Wrong type argument: 
stringp, 20= error within the creation of a new DENOTE-note including a 
TMR timer. This happens both with my own function as well as the sample 
function from the DENOTE manual. Despite the error the timer though 
seems to work.

According to messages the full error reads (the timer in this case would 
have been 20 minutes):
tmr--long-description: Wrong type argument: stringp, 20

Since this might be related to TMR I thought I put this here.

Re: backlink do not work 1 year, 4 months ago

From Sven Seebeck to ~protesilaos/denote


Sorry to chime in and I don't know if it is related or not, but I had 
issues with EMACS on the Mac (it had been the from emacsformacos.com/) 
in the past as well, especially with things related to DIRED and the 
acessing the file system in general. Not using a Mac anymore but in my 
case it had been a permission issue which had been fixed by granting 
EMACS full-disk access, and I believe granting RUBY equally full disk 
access as well.

I'm now short of time, but I "think" there are some helpful things in 
this thread: 
in case that is at all related to your issues.