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Sometimes I find myself in a situation where I want something more than the
built-in editor. For instance, if I need to write something longer or need special symbols, I would prefer to load up (Neo)Vim and get access to my spell checking, digraphs, all of the keybonds, etc. that are all much nicer in an actual editor. I can’t comment on the best experience on how to accomplish this, but the single-line editor quite simple.

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Long-form text and spell checking are out of scope of senpai for sure. 
I don't think spawning a full-fledged editor makes a lot of sense for 
IRC.  However, patches are accepted/in progress for

- keybindings, there are already a lot listed in "doc/senpai.1", they 
are mostly conventional and are implemented in other terminal software 
as well (neovim included),
- grapheme cluster support, there has been some work on github[0], this 
would allow a single backspace/left/right press to navigate through 
whole graphemes/characters instead of rune per rune.  Is that what you 
miss from your editor?

By special symbols, do you mean IME?  IIUC it is supported at the 
terminal level (e.g. foot, kitty and gnome-terminal have support), I 
don't know whether senpai should do something here.

[0] https://github.com/hhirtz/senpai/pull/6
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