notmuch-transient bug

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Hi tarsius,

I have For several days notmuch-transient gives the following error:
| Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument number-or-marker-p list)
|   transient--exit-and-debug(error (wrong-type-argument number-or-marker-p list))
|   transient--use-level-p(list)
|   transient--init-suffix(nil (list 1 'transient-suffix (list :key "i" :description "inbox" :command 'transient:notmuch-search-transient:inbox)))
|   transient--init-child(nil (list 1 'transient-suffix (list :key "i" :description "inbox" :command 'transient:notmuch-search-transient:inbox)))
|   #f(compiled-function (c) #<bytecode -0x142f01510e38a18e>)((list 1 'transient-suffix (list :key "i" :description "inbox" :command 'transient:notmuch-search-transient:inbox)))
|   cl-mapcan(#f(compiled-function (c) #<bytecode -0x142f01510e38a18e>) ((list 1 'transient-suffix (list :key "i" :description "inbox" :command 'transient:notmuch-search-transient:inbox)) (list 1 'transient-suffix (list :key "u" :description "unread" :command 'transient:notmuch-search-transient:unread)) (list 1 'transient-suffix (list :key "f" :description "flagged" :command 'transient:notmuch-search-transient:flagged)) (list 1 'transient-suffix (list :key "t" :description "sent" :command 'transient:notmuch-search-transient:sent)) (list 1 'transient-suffix (list :key "d" :description "drafts" :command 'transient:notmuch-search-transient:drafts)) (list 1 'transient-suffix (list :key "a" :description "all mail" :command 'transient:notmuch-search-transient:all\ mail))))
|   transient--init-group(nil [1 transient-row (:description "Search" :setup-children notmuch-search-transient--setup :pad-keys t) nil])
|   transient--init-child(nil [1 transient-row (:description "Search" :setup-children notmuch-search-transient--setup :pad-keys t) nil])
|   #f(compiled-function (c) #<bytecode -0x142f01510e38a18e>)([1 transient-row (:description "Search" :setup-children notmuch-search-transient--setup :pad-keys t) nil])
|   cl-mapcan(#f(compiled-function (c) #<bytecode -0x142f01510e38a18e>) ([1 transient-row (:description "Search" :setup-children notmuch-search-transient--setup :pad-keys t) nil] [1 transient-columns (:hide #f(compiled-function () #<bytecode 0x173b9b60c8d2d4e2>)) ([1 transient-column (:description "Value commands") ((1 transient-suffix (:key "C-x s  " :description "Set" :command transient-set)) (1 transient-suffix (:key "C-x C-s" :description "Save" :command transient-save)) (1 transient-suffix (:key "C-x C-k" :description "Reset" :command transient-reset)) (1 transient-suffix (:key "C-x p  " :description "Previous value" :command transient-history-prev)) (1 transient-suffix (:key "C-x n  " :description "Next value" :command transient-history-next)))] [1 transient-column (:description "Sticky commands") ((1 transient-suffix (:key "C-g" :description "Quit prefix or transient" :command transient-quit-one)) (1 transient-suffix (:key "C-q" :description "Quit transient stack" :command transient-quit-all)) (1 transient-suffix (:key "C-z" :description "Suspend transient stack" :command transient-suspend)))] [1 transient-column (:description "Customize") ((1 transient-suffix (:key "C-x t" :command transient-toggle-common :description #f(compiled-function () #<bytecode 0x1e0d3e9030299fb5>))) (1 transient-suffix (:key "C-x l" :description "Show/hide suffixes" :command transient-set-level)))])]))
|   transient--init-suffixes(notmuch-search-transient)
|   transient--init-objects(notmuch-search-transient nil nil)
|   transient-setup(notmuch-search-transient)
|   notmuch-search-transient()
|   funcall-interactively(notmuch-search-transient)
|   command-execute(notmuch-search-transient)


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Edison Ibáñez <arkhan@riseup.net> writes:

> I have For several days notmuch-transient gives the following error:

Thanks for the report.

I forgot to update `notmuch-search-transient--setup' after a breaking
change in transient.  If fixed that now.

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