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Jesse laprade
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Hey technomancy, here's that setup.md file. You can find it in the 


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Jesse laprade <jesselaprade@gmail.com> writes:

> Hey technomancy, here's that setup.md file. You can find it in the
> attachment!

Thanks! This is a good start.

> # Requirements
> * Access to a UNIX-like environment, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Arch
>   Linux, Windows Subsystem for Linux, Homebrew, scoop.sh, etc.
> * LuaRocks
> * Git

We should require luarocks or git, but not both.

Maybe we could also add a note soliciting help from Windows users since
none of the current contributors know anything about it. Fennel should
work fine on Windows; we just don't know how to document it.

> ## Installing Fennel with Git

> Git removes the need to find download buttons or links on a web
> page. This allows you to copy and paste commands conveniently into
> your terminal, and install the downloaded files wherever you want on
> your system.

There are three reasons you might want to run from Git over the alternatives:

* You want to use a version that hasn't been released.
* You want to contribute changes to Fennel.
* You have git installed and don't want to bother with the others.

> **TODO**: I think this would involve placing something in
> `/usr/bin/local/`, but I'm not sure, because we would need the whole
> Fennel directory there, and I know people don't normally put
> directories in `/usr/local/bin`. Maybe some kind of executable script
> that acts as a wrapper for the `fennel` executable? Whatever is
> decided, let me know, and I'll create procedures for it.

I just checked and it looks like I have both the fennel executable and
fennel.lua symlinked into ~/bin, which is not really what we want. So
we'll need to work on that since symlinking the executable itself is not

Further sections we might consider:

* Editor support

I think this shouldn't include installation instructions since those can
be detailed and changing, but instead just give an overview of how
featureful you can expect the support for each individual editor to be;
what you'll miss out on if you don't install it.

* Creating standalone Fennel programs
* Using Fennel with Love2D

We might want to just explain what love2d is and link straight to
https://gitlab.com/alexjgriffith/min-love2d-fennel since this is what
most people use.

* Using Fennel with TIC-80

Similarly with https://github.com/stefandevai/fennel-tic80-game

* Using Fennel with nginx?
* Using Fennel via AOT
* Using Fennel by embedding the compiler

I can help write out more of these sections.

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