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Hello everyone,
recently I published the `fennel-ls` Visual Studio Code extension.

It is really not much, just the glue code to integrate fennel-ls with
VSCode/ium. (Particularly, it does not provide general Fennel language
support; syntax highlight; etc. Other extension already do that.)

Available from both, the official, and the open-vsx registry:
- https://open-vsx.org/extension/adjuvant/fennel-ls
- https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=adjuvant.fennel-ls

Repository: https://codeberg.org/adjuvant/vscode-fennel-ls
fennel-ls: https://sr.ht/~xerool/fennel-ls/

As fennel-ls itself is not currently released anywhere, I decided to
bundle the source code with the extension. On first use, the user is
given the choice to, either let the extension compile and use the
bundled fennel-ls version, or to provide their own.
This should also maximize compatibility with different Lua versions.

I do not have any immediate plans for further development. But am
planning to use it myself to work on my Fennel projects. That will
surely motivate me to add some more features.


PS: Yes, this is the same message I sent to the fennel-ls mailing
list a few days ago. But with better word wrapping.
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