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Hey folks, welcome to the brand new Fennel mailing list!

I thought I'd open by posting about the upcoming release. We decided[1]
that it's about time we cut actual version numbers instead of having
everyone just follow the master branch all the time. I've put together a
changelog of everything that's happened since development of Fennel
picked back up this February after the initial two weeks when it was
created in 2016:


A recent notable change has been to make the repl persist locals across
multiple lines; previously you had to use globals if you wanted any
values saved across multiple evaluations, which was very unintuitive and
quite annoying. There's one gotcha here still; it doesn't work with
local names which require mangling, so I'd like to get that fixed before
the 0.1.0 release.

But that's the only thing I think needs to block the release. If there's
any other issues folks would like to see making it into the first
official release, please speak up!

Also, I'm hoping to use this mailing list to accept and discuss patches
as per the workflow documented on sr.ht[2]. We'll still accept pull
requests from GitHub in order to make it easier for folks who are used
to that, but I'd encourage folks to give the email-centric workflow a
try as I believe it has a lot to offer!


[1] - https://github.com/bakpakin/Fennel/issues/108

[2] - https://man.sr.ht/git.sr.ht/send-email.md
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Well everybody, the big day finally arrived: the first official release
of Fennel! Notably you can now use `luarocks install --local fennel`
instead of needing to specify the dev server.

Here's the changelog of everything since February:

## 0.1.0 / 2018-11-29

* Save locals in between chunks in the repl
* Allow destructuring in more places
* Remove redundant `defn` macro
* Add `doto` macro
* Support newlines in strings
* Prevent typos from accidentally referring to unknown globals
* Improve readability of compiler output
* Add `->` and `->>` macros
* Remove deprecated special forms: `pack`, `$`, `block`, `*break`, `special`
* Support nested lookup in `.` form
* Add `var`; disallow regular locals from being set
* Add `global`; refuse to set globals without it
* Make comparison operators variadic
* Support destructuring "rest" of a table into a local with `&`
* Add fennelview pretty-printer
* Add `require-macros`
* Add `//` for integer division on Lua 5.3+
* Add `fennel.dofile` and `fennel.searcher` for `require` support
* Track line numbers
* Add `partial`
* Add `local`
* Support binding against multiple values
* Add `:` for method calls
* Compile tail-calls properly
* Rename to Fennel
* Add `each`
* Add `lambda`/`λ` for arity-checked functions
* Add `when`
* Add comments

As you may know we're planning FennelConf 2019 in March in Portland, OR;
we're pretty sure that it will be a 1-day conference on the 16th. We've
got a web site where you can sign up at:


Still got a few slots open for speakers if you've got something you'd
like to share! I want to do a bit more planning for the conference, and
then I hope to get some discussion going as to what's on the roadmap for
the next Fennel release, possibly including quasiquote.