[ANN] Fennel 0.9.2 released

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Hello Fennelers!

I'm happy to announce the release of Fennel 0.9.2. All the changes here
were pretty minor bug fixes, but they add up.

## 0.9.2 / 2021-05-17

* Add Fennel for Clojure Users guide
* Never treat `_ENV` as an unknown global
* Fix multi-value destructuring in pattern matches that use `where`
* Fix a bug around disambiguating parens in method calls
* Improve behavior of `?.` when used directly on nil
* Fix a bug where line number correlation was thrown off in macros
* Fix a bug where `--use-bit-lib` was not propagating to the REPL
* Fix a launcher bug where `-v` was not implemented as an alias for `--version`

The only other notable new thing is the addition of a new guide titled
"Learning Fennel from Clojure" which has been added since a lot of the
folks coming to Fennel have some background in Clojure.


Please take a look if it's something you're interested in, and as
always, feedback on the documentation is welcome.

The latest links to the downloads are on the setup guide:



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