[ANN] Fennel 0.9.0 released

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Greetings everyone!

I'm happy to announce the release of Fennel 0.9.0. We've racked up quite
a few changes, but none of them are particularly major or groundbreaking:

* Add `--use-bit-lib` flag to allow bitwise operations to work in LuaJIT
* Add `macro-searchers` table for finding macros similarly to `package.searchers`
* Support `&as` inside pattern matches
* Include stack trace for errors during macroexpansion
* The `sym` function in compile scope now takes a source table second argument
* Support `:until` clauses for early termination in all loops
* Support `:escape-newlines?` and `:prefer-colon?` options in fennel.view
* Add nil-safe table access operator `?.`
* Add support for guards using `where`/`or` clauses in `match`
* Allow symbols to compare as equal in macros based on name
* Fix a bug where newlines were emitted with backslashes in fennel.view
* Fix a bug in the compiler sandbox where requiring had the wrong scope

You can always find links to the latest version here:


As always, let us know here or on the IRC/Matrix channel or in the issue
tracker if you run into any trouble with this release. Thanks to
everyone who contributed to make this happen!

On an unrelated note, the Lisp Game Jam is starting in a week; if you've
never participated before, it's a really fun chance to try something new
in a low-key competition.


Happy Hacking!

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