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Hello Fennel friends!

Tonight I just launched what I call See Fennel. It's a page on the
Fennel web site where you can get a better feel for the relationship
between Fennel and Lua. The compiler output is shown side-by-side with
the input, and thanks to the magic of Antifennel it is bidirectional.

Try it for yourself:


I'm hoping this can be useful for folks to better understand what it is
that Fennel does. There are some example snippets of code just to get
you started, tho those are currently chosen somewhat haphazardly. If you
have suggestions for snippets that would be useful for demonstrating
particular concepts or other ideas for improvements please let me know!

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Oh wow, this is actually really awesome! I think this would be a really
big help for people who aren't familiar with s-expressions, or people
who don't know how to translate code as well as others!

Jesse Laprade <jesselaprade@gmail.com>
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