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If you didn't see it, Fennel made a great showing at the recent Lisp
Game Jam, so nice work to everyone who submitted:


Now that the jam is over, I'm looking over the work we've got in
progress and coming up to try to plan the next release.

Yesterday I implemented a feature called "fennelfriend" which enhances
the compiler errors by pinpointing the problem and offering suggestions:

    Compile error in test/bad/set-local.fnl:2
      expected var x

    (set x 3)
    * Try declaring x using var instead of let/local.
    * Try introducing a new local instead of changing the value of x.

I think this will be a big help to newcomers and also lighten some
cognitive load for anyone coding Fennel. I want to do something similar
for parse errors.

We've had a lot of great work done on improving readline support so that
you can get all your creature comforts you're used to in the repl; that
will be a big improvement in the next release.

Another big usability push for this release will be the inclusion of a
setup guide for how to install Fennel and get it configured to work with
the tools you use. If you have suggestions for how that should look, you
can join the discussion at https://github.com/bakpakin/Fennel/issues/250

We also have a macroexpander which I mentioned in a previous email that
will make debugging macros a lot more straightforward.

There's several more issues listed here under the milestone on GitHub,
but not all of these will make it into the next release:


If you have any questions or other suggestions of things which should be
considered for the release, just let us know.

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