[ANN] Fennel 0.4.2 released!

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Greetings Fennelers.

I've just released version 0.4.2 of Fennel. Here are the relevant changes:

* Fix a bug where multiple `include` calls would splice locals incorrectly
* Support varargs in hashfn with `$...` (#298)
* Add `with-open` macro for auto-closing file handles (#295)
* Add `--native-module` and `--native-library` to `--compile-binary` command
* Make autogensym symbols omit "#" when appending unique suffix
* Fix a bug where autogensyms (using `#`) couldn't be used as multisyms (#294)
* Add `fennel.searchModule` function to module API
* Fix a bug causing `include` to ignore compiler options
* Fix a bug causing the repl to fail when `$HOME` env var was not set

The language-level additions are the new ability to use $... inside a
hashfn function (mutually-exclusive with numbered arguments for now) and
the introduction of a with-open form which handles closing files and
other closeable things when it exits scope.

The additions to --compile-binary are of course still very experimental,
but I have managed to use them to compile a binary which can make HTTPS
requests using curl; you can see an example here:


Also notable is that as Lua 5.4 was just released a few days ago, Fennel
now officially supports it and runs all CI tests against it.

Now that we have this released, we are looking forward to focusing our
next work on the task of self-hosting. You can read more about that here:


Download links for the new release are on the web site:


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release! Please let us
know if you run into any issues.

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