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I'm proud to announce, with the help of many wonderful contributors, the
release of Fennel 0.3.0!

This release introduces docstrings as well as several new features to
the macro system and some breaking changes; the most significant being
the new unquote syntax and the requirement of auto-gensym for
identifiers in backtick.

* Fix a bug where errors would show incorrect line numbers
* Add support for docstrings and `doc` for displaying them in repl
* Support `:detect-cycles? false` in fennelview to turn off "#<table 1>" output
* **Disallow** non-gensym identifiers in backtick/macros
* Support `x#` syntax for auto-gensym inside backtick
* Fix a bug in `lambda` arity checks when using destructuring
* Support `:one-line` output in fennelview
* Add `--require-as-include` to inline required modules in compiled output
* Add `--eval` argument to command-line launcher
* Add environment variable `FENNEL_PATH` to `path`.
* Fix a few bugs in `match`
* **Remove** undocumented support for single-quoted strings
* Add support for guard clauses with `?` in pattern matching
* Support completion in repl when `readline.lua` is available
* Add `--globals` and `--globals-only` options to launcher script
* **Remove** `luaexpr` and `luastatement` for a single `lua` special
* Improve code generation for `if` expressions in many situations
* Alias `#` special with `length`
* Replace `@` (unquote) with `,`; comma is **no longer** whitespace
* **Disallow** `~` in symbols other than `~=`
* Add `hashfn` and `#` reader macro for shorthand functions like `#(+ $1 $2)`
* Allow hashfn arguments to be used in multisyms
* Add `macro` to make defining a single macro easier
* Add `(comment)` special which emits a Lua comment in the generated source
* Allow lua-style method calls like `(foo:bar baz)`; **disallow** `:` in symbols

As usual, the release is available thru git or thru luarocks.

Please let us know if you run into any trouble with the new release.

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