Tenacity is an easy-to-use, cross-platform multi-track audio editor/recorder.


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Tenacity 1.3 Beta 3 Release Announcement 1 year, 2 months ago

From gperson to ~tenacity/tenacity-discuss

Hi everyone! Tenacity 1.3 beta 3 has been released. You can check it
out here:

This release is mostly a bug-fix and re-merge release, but most notably
we now have a Flatpak available for general use available on Flathub.
This replaces our previous AppImages for this release and future
releases. Finally, we'd like to thank TheEvilSkeleton for making this
awesome Flatpak!

- gperson (Avery King)

Re: stereo aac import results in mono 1 year, 3 months ago

From gperson to ~tenacity/tenacity-discuss

> hi, new member here, greetings to everybody :-) my problem: when
> importing a stereo aac file, tenacity turns it to a mono file, wav and
> mp3 work fine, I'm on Archlinux which latest ffmpeg, ffmpeg4.4 is also
> present, no dependecy issues when building, any ideas? thanks, suse

Hello Suse! I apologize for the late response as I've been quite busy

We have received several reports about this issue in Tenacity and are
clearly aware of the problem. This is an issue related to FFmpeg only
importing one channel when doing an FFmpeg import. This issue has
already been fixed in the latest nightly version of Tenacity along with
many other problems. The best course of action is to wait until
Tenacity 1.3 stable comes out, which shouldn't be much longer.

Re: Using ffmpeg in Tenacity 1 year, 5 months ago

From gperson to ~tenacity/tenacity-discuss


I understand that this response comes a little late, but I will state
this for the record anyway: you can find FFmpeg libraries distributed
along with the latest stable versions of Tenacity. (A special exception
has been made for the latest 1.3 betas). They can be found here:

We build and distribute the latest version of FFmpeg libraries for
Windows at the time latest version at the time a release is made. For
example, at the time Tenacity 1.3 beta 2 was released, FFmpeg 5.1.2 was
the latest stable version. Therefore, we packaged those libraries.

These FFmpeg libraries should work. Tenacity also supports older FFmpeg

Re: Where do I get a copy of Tenacity that's compatible with ASIO drivers? 1 year, 5 months ago

From gperson to ~tenacity/tenacity-discuss

> Where do I get a copy of Tenacity that's compatible with ASIO drivers?

At the moment, Tenacity is "not compatible" with ASIO drivers; we have
not tested Tenacity against ASIO drivers or have attempted to build it
against the ASIO SDK to make an ASIO capable build. We will attempt this
whenever we have time for it.

Also, if by "copy of Tenacity that's compatible with ASIO drivers" you
mean an ASIO-enabled build of Tenacity, that will never happen unless
the ASIO SDK is relicensed under a compatible license. Audacity does not
distribute ASIO-enabled builds for the same reason; the ASIO SDK license
is incompatible with both Audacity's license (GPL v2/3 or later) and our
license (GPL v2 or later).