RFC: Sourcehut migration

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This post is only advisory on the decision to migrate.

As discussed in GH #51 and in other channels, there has been thoughts about migrating to Sourcehut.
I would like to request opinion from the community.

Please respond to this e-mail with the following format (the "I am in favor" line is required, or it will not be counted!):

I am in favor of option 1/2/3/4.

<insert reason>

Options for migration:

* Full
    We abandon GitHub and move to Sourcehut
* Sourcehut primary, GitHub secondary
     We will accept PRs and issues from GitHub, but mainly Sourcehut will be used. GH will be a mirror.
* None
     We will stay on GitHub and Sourcehut will not be used except for mailing lists and other misc stuff.
* GitHub primary, Sourcehut secondary
     We still continue to work as normal on GitHub, but Sourcehut can be contributed to.
     Sourcehut will still be primary on mailing lists and other features GH doesn't have.
     We recommend you read all the comments before responding.
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