Tenacity 1.3 Beta Release Announcement

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Hi everyone! While this release comes a little later than our initial
release announcement in the Fediverse, we'd like to announce the release
of Tenacity 1.3 beta. It is our very first beta release and a major step
forward in releasing the stable version of Tenacity 1.3.

It has the following key features:

* Rebase off of Saucedacity.

* Clip features from Audacity 3.1.

* New themes from Audacium and Saucedacity

* Modern upstream dependencies are used

Please see
https://codeberg.org/tenacityteam/tenacity/releases/tag/v1.3-beta for
more details. Additionally, we now develop Tenacity over at Codeberg,
but we will continue to maintain these mailing lists as long as we
possibly can.

We hope you enjoy this release with all its bugs and quirks! :D

- gperson (Avery)
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