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I understand that this response comes a little late, but I will state
this for the record anyway: you can find FFmpeg libraries distributed
along with the latest stable versions of Tenacity. (A special exception
has been made for the latest 1.3 betas). They can be found here:

We build and distribute the latest version of FFmpeg libraries for
Windows at the time latest version at the time a release is made. For
example, at the time Tenacity 1.3 beta 2 was released, FFmpeg 5.1.2 was
the latest stable version. Therefore, we packaged those libraries.

These FFmpeg libraries should work. Tenacity also supports older FFmpeg
libraries, so if you want to use an older version of FFmpeg libraries,
then you can go ahead and do so. However, the minimum supported version
of FFmpeg is 3.4.8 or above if I'm not mistaken. Any older versions,
including FFmpeg for Audacity < 3.2, are not support and may not work.
(FFmpeg for Audacity versions prior to 3.2 are FFmpeg 2.2.2 libraries).
Newer versions, including FFmpeg for Audacity 3.2 and later, should
work (as that ships FFmpeg 5.0.0 libraries).

If you are looking for older versions of FFmpeg that work with
Tenacity, you might be able to find builds from https://ffmpeg.org that
ship older versions and use libraries from those. However, that might
require a little effort in order to search out those libraries. We also
won't be distributing oler versions of FFmpeg any time soon, so if you
need an older version for Tenacity for some reason, then you will be
out of luck.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them here or
anywhere else. I will be glad to answer any question you have :D

- gperson (Avery)
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