Re: Migrating to sourcehut - what's missing?

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Theodor Thornhill <theo@thornhill.no> writes:

>> So that would be something like git.sr.ht/~eliz/emacs or
>> git.sr.ht/~lars/emacs? This makes me wonder how "hard coded" the
>> user
>> names are in the sourcehut code base. Assuming the GNU project would
>> host its sourcehut instance on the domain git.gnu.org, srht.gnu.org,
>> source.gnu.org, or whatever, would it still be possible to remove
>> the
>> "~..." username part? (I know this is as minor of an issue as it
>> gets,
>> it's just curiosity).
>> Until then, it seems that the username "~gnu" is not taken. Maybe
>> someone more entitled than me could mirror a few repositories over
>> there
>> for testing purposes?
> See my other mail just sent. ~emacs is owned by me as for now, unless
> ~gnu is preferred :)

Sounds like a good start! We could try assigning a few bug reports to
sr.ht and its workflow, and see how that goes -- merging the fixes back
into savannah (assuming everything works well enough to actually get the
bugs fixed!).
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