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Re: [PATCH kanshi] Re-evaluate profiles upon monitor unplug event. 4 months ago

From Thiago Kenji Okada to ~emersion/public-inbox

This patch improves the reliability of my setup, where I have a Dell
monitor that also acts as a KVM (so if I switch the input, it also
switches the plugged USB devices to that input). Before I had to
restart kanshi.service after sleep in swayidle, otherwise I would get
a black screen almost half of the time (that I assume is because
kanshi would see no monitors after waking up from sleep). With this
patch I can put my device to sleep, switch inputs, get back and see
kanshi setting the proper screen/refresh rate 100% of the time, while
before sometimes I would get my monitor set to 60Hz (the default, but
not what I configured in kanshi), because I assume kanshi would not
get the unplug/plug event reliably. Or maybe it got one, but the
monitor was still "disconnected", because this laptop is in a dock
that supplies DisplayPort/HDMI via its USB-C connector and this itself
takes a while to initialize after sleep (something like 2 seconds).