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Re: Migration status 6 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~renerocksai/telekasten.nvim-devel

> mid October would be a good time to aim for, what do you think?

Awesome! I am quite busy as well, its the final year of my thesis (finally!). So I like to change my mind here and there by looking on easy-to-fix issues on other projects :D... 

> I saw some PR activity on GH that is highly appreciated. Hope I'll have time to update sr.ht soon. 

I keep SH updated with the PRs that I accept on GH already (curling the patch to `git am` is indeed really straightforward). 
Similarly, I push the changes on SH when I add new features myself and replay the patch on GH to keep it in sync as well. So far so good. It is just a bit annoying to manage the two repos like that.

> Will check out how to give you write access to issues.

Thank you!

Migration status 6 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~renerocksai/telekasten.nvim-devel

Hi Rene,

Do you have an idea of when we will actually complete the migration to SH?

Also, I wanted to add a few labels and stuff on source hut issues tracker, but
it seems that I can not edit anything there. Maybe you need to add me as
maintainer there as well? Could you look into that?


- Thomas

Re: Simpler way to checkout GH's PR locally 7 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~renerocksai/telekasten.nvim-devel

> What I like about the patch curling, is: I don't have to add an
> additional (GitHub) remote (which is also the case when pulling in a
> PR directly from one specific PR author's repo) polluting my .git
> directory, and don't have to pollute my repo with a million branches of
> stale PRs either (which I assume is the case - I haven't tried it).

True. Indeed this adds all PRs all the time and pollutes your git quite
a lot for repo with many PRs and stuff. I never had this issue before as
I worked only on some very small scale projects. But I just found a fix
while looking a bit more [1]. This allows to only pull one PR at a time
and is a bit more elegant (and it has a clean alias to remove old PR
branches). You would still need to add the second remote though...

> I think at the moment I still prefer the patch version. However,

Simpler way to checkout GH's PR locally 7 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~renerocksai/telekasten.nvim-devel

Hi Rene,

In your reply on PR 158, you mentioned a workflow for checking locally GitHub
PRs using `curl` and `git am`. I did not want to go off topic on that PR
discussion, so I send this email instead...

> BTW: If you add `.patch` to the PR URL, you get a nicely formatted patch:
> https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/renerocksai/telekasten.nvim/pull/158.patch
> Curling the patch and piping it to `git am` is super easy. relaxed - well,
> usually. Unfortunately, you using tabs and spaces, this somehow makes git
> complain. So I had to re-format the patch to make it apply in order to
> briefly smoke-test it.

Re: [sr.ht pages] - links to external pages only opening in new tab 7 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

> Not an unreasonable request. I sent a patch, let's see what Drew
> says.

Awesome, thank you! The patch is all good for me.

Re: [sr.ht pages] - links to external pages only opening in new tab 7 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

> But personal taste notwithstanding, I'd argue that a note about this
> particular "limitation" of the CSP in the sr.ht pages docs would make
> sense given that I am not the first one to stumble upon this. Will
> gladly provide a patch if Drew deems this necessary.

I agree 100% with that.

While I understand Drew's point and where he comes from, opening external links
in tabs in now an expected behavior for most websites. Personally I am not
willing to compromise on that feature. It's perfectly ok, it just means that
SourceHut sites are not for me. No need to get philosophical here.

That being said, I just lost 2 hours migrating my website from Gitlab to
SourceHut and then trying to understand why my hugo-built website was not

Re: [PATCH V2] telekasten nag message 8 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~renerocksai/telekasten.nvim-devel

> You need to update your plugin via your plugin manager, so that helptags
> will get re-generated.

Ok. I was not aware of that mechanism. All good for me then.

Re: [PATCH V2] telekasten nag message 8 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~renerocksai/telekasten.nvim-devel

I just tested the patch. I don't know why, but `:help telekasten.transitioning`
does not work on my end. Nvim can not autocomplete either.

[pages] Privacy policy missing for websites under srht.site 8 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

The privacy policy of SourceHut does not mention anything regarding
the data collected about visitors of websites hosted under
<username>.srht.site, nor for visitors of websites with a custom domain
but hosted on sourcehut.

I am not a lawyer, but I think the GDPR impose website administrators
to identify all that stuff properly. I assume that, as for the rest
of the service, only minimal data is collected (IP ?) and for a short
period of time. But this is still something that should be addressed
publicly so it can be easier for website admins to be 100% compliant.

In general, the privacy policy does not really differentiate the
logged-in users with an account and the website visitors. So it is
unclear as well in that aspect (from my understanding, IANAL).

"Watch" repo for updates via RSS 8 months ago

From Thomas Lambert to ~renerocksai/telekasten.nvim-discuss

I was a bit annoyed that there is no "watch" function like in Github
to stay informed of the latest developments.

... And then I realized that SourceHut has RSS feeds for the git log!
The link is in the upper right corner of the
[log page](https://git.sr.ht/~renerocksai/telekasten.nvim/log).
You can even watch some specific branches (wiki).