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Re: Conditionally set From header in template 15 days ago

From Tillman Jex to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

Yesssss!!!!!! Thank you :)

Conditionally set From header in template 15 days ago

From Tillman Jex to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

I'm trying to set the `From:` header in replied emails, based on the presence of 
a specific address in the `To:` header. I'm trying to implement this logic in 
a custom `new-message` template, so that when I reply (unquoted) to an email, it 
gets executed.

I tried with `{{if match index (.To | emails) `.*@lists.sr.ht}}` but got errors 
about match receiving a slice instead of a string. 

So then I thought to iterate over the addresses, and run a match each time:

X-Mailer: aerc {{version}}
{{range (.To | emails)}} 
{{if match . `.*@lists.sr.ht`}}

Re: writings problemes 15 days ago

From Tillman Jex to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

I'm no maildir / notmuch expert, but as far as I'm aware you should never have 
to create a mail folder manually.

If you're adding a new email account, it would be a case of running `aerc 
:new-account`, configuring it as desired.

Then if you want to include that new account within your notmuch account, you 
would add it to your query map, i.e.:

inbox_gmail1 = path:gmail1/INBOX/**
inbox_gmail2 = path:gmail2/INBOX/**
unread_gmail2 = path:gmail2/INBOX/** and tag:unread

Re: open mailto links in aerc - MacOS 21 days ago

From Tillman Jex to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

Ahhhhhhh YES!

Legend. Thank you.

So simple. Never thought "the right tool for the job" would ever extend to Apple 
scripts, but there you have it.

open mailto links in aerc - MacOS 24 days ago

From Tillman Jex to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

I've found and read the posts on this topic referring to Linux, and tried to 
base a MacOS approach off of them. But no success.


and here: 

Has anyone managed to setup a handler or know of a project that can be used as 
a target for mailto: links, which will effectively open them in aerc?

i.e. Clicking on mail@foo.com on a website will open and populate the compose 
view in aerc (via IPC), which would otherwise just be `aerc mailto:mail@foo.com`

Using aliases 30 days ago

From tjex to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

To send and reply from aliases:

The aliases need to be entered as values for "aliases" in accounts.conf (see 
`man aerc-accounts`). Once aliases are entered here, replying to emails 
addressed to them will result in the 'from' header being correctly filled with 
the alias address (you).

Also in accounts.conf set 'outgoing' to `msmtp --read-envelope-from`. This reads 
the addresses from the 'from' header, and looks up the entry in msmtp conf. Also 
in `man aerc-accounts`.

The aliases also need to be defined in msmtp conf (via inheritance) eg:


Re: Can't access notmuch named queries a month ago

From Tillman Jex to ~rjarry/aerc-discuss

> By using <name> either on the query-map file or with the `cf` command,
> aerc displays no messages, albeit using <search-terms> directly yields
> the expected messages.

A thought on the query not appearing via `:cf`. Perhaps this isn't supported
yet, as `:cf <tab>` returns no autocommplete suggestions for `:query ...`. I'm
expecting that if `:cf` supported queries, the `:query` option would show
regardless of whether there was a query mapping set or not.

> By using the notmuch cli tool, both cases yields the expected messages,
> that is, `notmuch search -- query:<name>` and `notmuch search --
> <search-terms>`.
> Is this to be expected?