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Re: Is soupault's capability to process sites that don't fit in RAM important to you? 4 months ago

From toastal to ~dmbaturin/soupault

It’s easy to download more RAM! 😅

Can instructions on how to set up swap files/page files help? I suppose it doesn’t in the case of a limited builder but maybe if processing Wikipedia. Is there anything that could used to reduce the size of the in-memory representation more generally to make the chances of running into a memory issue less likely?

I don’t know I would personally ever run into the ceiling, but making sure the bases are covered.
toastal ไข่ดาว | https://toast.al
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Re: How to add this plugin to the Mattermost NixOS module 5 months ago

From to ~thejonny/mattermost-unifiedpush

This could be as simple as a fetchTarball, if the CI artifacts had a tag
to attach to tho :P I’m sure this is in the works, but I want to use the
plugin now!

How to add this plugin to the Mattermost NixOS module 5 months ago

From toastal to ~thejonny/mattermost-unifiedpush

Given the current state of the repository, you can add this derivation
to `services.mattermost.plugins` array (but modify as needed):

.. codeblock:: nix

	pkgs.buildGoModule {
  	  name = "mattermost-plugin-unifiedpush";
  	  src = pkgs.fetchFromSourcehut {
    	 owner = "~thejonny";
    	 repo = "mattermost-plugin-unifiedpush";
    	 rev = "dc177958d1a79b3846fb99c53878e1798e11960a";
    	 hash = "sha256-ptc2nTN06BE1H4jSkX7+UDe/Xm2ryqDp5ZevbOu/SMU=";
  	  overrideModAttrs = _: {

Re: plugins for htmx boost and preload 6 months ago

From toastal to ~dmbaturin/soupault

> soupauld --init



You’ll want to vendor that code <https://httptoolkit.com/blog/public-cdn-risks/>

> mousedown

click triggers on touchscreens, but does mousdown?


Re: Can there be a UserCSS alternative? 7 months ago

From toastal to ~toastal/github-less-social

> cookies

Ah. I just block all third-party cookies & rely on the browser isolation
as ‘good enough’.

> Nix experience

No worries. Nix most things you throw at it.

> :has-text

As the README.rst points out *strike-thru* sane markup. The
Tailwind-ification, BeTailwinding of the internet has made getting
actual selectors quite difficult. You have to start relying on things

Re: Can there be a UserCSS alternative? 7 months ago

From toastal to ~toastal/github-less-social

> No, I just keep using it since I basically need the per-request type
> filtering.

uBlock can do this, it’s just under more menu with lower
discoverability, but easier to share once settings are in place

> have them coexist, rather than removing the filter lists

If you have something in mind along the lines of a script (ideally thru
`nix run gen-userCSS` & not Python or anything with a bunch of
dependencies (actually a good use case for Raku & its builtin grammars? 
🤔) that I could then append to my git hooks. For easy maintenance, I
really don’t want to have duplicate lists to keep in sync. If it’s
automated, then it’s no problem to add things.

Re: Can there be a UserCSS alternative? 7 months ago

From toastal to ~toastal/github-less-social

> This repository has been archived by the owner on Jul 21, 2021. It is
> now read-only.

Is there something new to know about the project? Has it found a new
maintainer? I stopped using it a year after it was discontinued unsure
of its future & while it’s a little more obtuse to use the interface for
uBlock Origin, it _can_ do the same things but with actually supported.
uBlock Origin can also be installed & have all the default filters
turned off.

I already have a userStyle for smaller visual changes, but some of the
filter rules in here are for network requests—not just element hiding
via display: none. I think being able to share the network blocking more
easily was on of the motivators for archiving uMatrix.

Re: [PATCH github-less-social 0/1] Replace avatars with a placeholder 8 months ago

From toastal to ~toastal/github-less-social

Accepted, thanks.

I had been hiding the avatars with CSS for similar reason. It’s nice to
learn about this feature.

toastal ไข่ดาว | https://toast.al
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Re: [PATCH 0/1] remove brave mention 8 months ago

From toastal to ~toastal/github-less-social

Hey. Thanks for the interest, but I think I’m going to have to rejct
this request, & I’d actually like to explain my reasoning:

First, Brave is not a perfect browser & it *is* last on this incomplete 
list for a reason, but I feel it still has a place. Brave is well-known
to be based on the Blink+V8 engines behind Chromium, but the reality is
that we have web sites & web apps that are denying users based on
whether or not they have a Chromium-compatible user agent or similar.
Anecdotally, I have loved ones with such requirements for work. There 
has to be *some* browser in this space that can fit the bill for users 
while having a privacy focus. Brave has a pretty solid built-in
ad/tracking blocker on by default with little input needed for the user.
It’s source is released under MPL-2.0 unlike say Vivaldi which is closed
& also has some ad blocking but do we know what they allow thru (think

Stance on copyFARleft licenses? 9 months ago

From toastal to ~sircmpwn/writefreesoftware.org

I read this article recently <https://lipu.dgold.eu/original-sin> & I’m
curious if any of these copyFARleft licenses have a place. They don’t
qualify under FSF or OSI as “free” software, but that definition has
always been muddy & required a lot of explanation. There’s always reason
to question how things are done & some guidance would help me understand
the ramifications of choosing such a license–where generally they are
free for laborers & collectives, but not for those seeking profit
specifically. Whose freedoms are we aiming for? And if there isn’t a
right/wrong answer, should we see something like the License Zero
options like Parity <https://paritylicense.com> & Prosperity
<https://prosperitylicense.com> listed even if they are not