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Questions and ideas about plain text emails 1 year, 5 days ago

From Tommi to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Hi, I am just getting started with the pure plain text emails philosophy. I have a few questions and a few ideas for the useplaintext.email.

- How do I need to behave when a person replies inline (in the quoted text of my original message) to an email I sent and then I want to reply inline to their inline reply? Do we create infinite levels of subquoting (> > >) or there is an alternative?
- Is it preferred to **always remove** the quoted text and send an email containing only the body of the message I am writing?
- Should I write my signature every time or is it preferred to write it only in the first email?
- Is there a client or a way to use Markdown? I would love to send and receive plain text emails using Markdown syntax. Such messages should be rendered and formatted on-device by the email client. It would be awesome and it could really be the future of emails!

Concerning useplaintext.email, I think it should be a website/manifesto like https://nownownow.com/about. I think it would be super useful to spread the word by appending its URL to the signature at the bottom of every email (like in this one). Nevertheless, in humble my opinion, its structure is unintuitive and uneffective:

- It is formerly explained how to write plaintext emails, after a brief introduction. Only towards the bottom (after a lot of technical examples nobody reads unless they are using that email client) there is a more comprehensive explanation of the plain text emails whys. Why not putting all of the theory first and then the technical practical examples at the bottom?
- I believe there should be more explanations about common practices like the ones I just asked you. Maybe consider adding a FAQ or a Q&A section?

I am available to directly edit the code, but I have a bit of trouble wrapping my head around how Sourcehut works, and to be honest I do not really have that much time… I am not a developer and I use my account only to open tickets/issues.