Release of version 0.9.0

Elena ``of Valhalla'' <valhalla-l@trueelena.org>
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I'm happy to announce that on 2021-12-24 version 0.9.0 of lesana, a
collection manager, has been released.

Changes for this release include:


* New data type: geo (for Geo URIs).
* New custom filter for templates: to_yaml.
* git hook to update the lesana cache when files are changed by git.

  This hook is installed when running ``lesana init``; you may want to
  add it to existing repositories by running ``lesana init`` on them
  (this is safe to do and won't change your settings or your data).
* New command: get-values to get a list of values for a field. #6
* lesana-search now defaults to a query of ``'*'``.

  This means that ``lesana search --all`` is now enough to list all
  entries, while ``lesana search`` with no other options will list the
  first 12 entries (possibly according to a default sorting setting).
* New collection example: ticket_tracker.
* Add support for bash autocompletion via argcomplete, if installed.
* Add support for the ``values`` property in the settings, to limit the
  contents of a field.
* New property ``precision`` for ``decimal`` fields, to force rounding
  values to that number of decimal digits.
* New settings property ``search_aliases`` with a dict of values to be
  filled in in a jinja2 template for a search query.
* New experimental script openlibrary2lesana to search for book data on
  openlibrary and pre-fill a lesana entry.


* date fields are now parsed and loaded as date, not datetime.
* help strings are added as comments with just one #, not two.

Elena ``of Valhalla''
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Package in AUR has been updated to 0.9.0

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