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Life long coder (Basic -> C ->Java -> Ruby -> Go) and technology geek. Likes board games and pen & paper RPGs.


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Last active 2 years ago
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Version 0.1.0 "Gobble Gobble" Release is now available. 2 years ago

From Vince Hodges to ~vhodges/stitcherd-announce

I am happy to announce our first release!

After a flurry of refactoring and a few small new features over the past
couple of mornings, I am happy to annouce that 0.1.0 is now available
for consumption.

New Features:

  * Basic bot detection and rate limiting (different limits for 'normal'
    traffic an bots) per route
  * Static path routes
  * Cleaned up code base and improved configuration file syntax.

Patches and feedback welcome!

Preview release is available 2 years ago

From Vince Hodges to ~vhodges/stitcherd-announce

In the interests of gather some earky feedback I've uploaded the code to
Github and
put a website up at:

* https://github.com/vhodges/stitcherd
* https://stitcherd.vhodges.dev/

The basics are in place and is somewhere between a POC and a 0.1.0