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Re: My new iterators might be an innovation 1 year, 8 days ago

From Rett Berg to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

> So, the goal of this message is to poke people who would know more than me about
> the Forth ecosystem and tell me if any other Forth has something remotely as
> powerful. If not, then I'll claim my fame!

Reading into a bit, I'm not sure I follow :D

I bit of my understanding of iterators: most low-level languages (Rust
and C++ I think) basically compile them down to simple state machines.
They are a struct with:

1. a next() method that alters the struct, providing the "current
iteration value"
2. a loop that calls next() and checks the value for whether it is
complete (or calls an isDone() method)

Re: Near/post-collapse networking 1 year, 4 months ago

From Rett Berg to ~vdupras/duskos-discuss

> this email is replicated because I'm getting errors that my email "contains HTML" from Is there anyone that didn't receive my last email? This one is sent in plaintext mode.

Right. This is definitely out of my depth, but my loose knowledge of
signals/etc in my EE degree leads me to believe that
"frequency-division multiplexing" (which wikipedia says OFDM is a
subset of) could be used. At an extremely simple level from my
understanding this is composed of:

A transformer circuit that converts a data stream into multiple (say
1000) frequencies which are orthogonal to each other so they don't
A filter circuit that filters out each frequency and converts it back
into data, merging it back into the data stream