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Re: [PATCH] Documentation: Fix typo in OpenAPI spec 1 year, 10 months ago

From Colin Reeder to ~vpzom/lotide

Nice catch, thanks!

Re: [PATCH 1/4] Cleanup: Return value from server awaiting 2 years ago

From Colin Reeder to ~vpzom/lotide

> -    server.await?;
> -
> -    Ok(())
> +    server.await.map_err(From::from)
>  }
Hmm, I'm not sure what I think about this. I used the Ok(()) here to
avoid explicitly writing error conversion

Re: [PATCH] Include cleaned HTML from remote as raw 2 years ago

From Colin Reeder to ~vpzom/lotide

While there are currently cases where hitide sanitizes content, this is
a hold-over from before lotide did sanitization. This should actually be
implemented there instead, and then frontends can trust the API response

Re: [PATCH hitide 1/3] Add env_logger for logging 2 years ago

From Colin Reeder to ~vpzom/lotide

>  #[tokio::main]
>  async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
> +    let _ = env_logger::init();

Is assigning this necessary? Doesn't it just return ()?

Re: Question about lotide/hitide 2 years ago

From Colin Reeder to ~vpzom/lotide

All errors in lotide are eventually represented by the Error struct from
src/main.rs. UserError and RoutingError are the only variants that are
returned to clients, the others are converted to 500. In this case, I
think the best path would be to change route_unstable_actors_lookup to
return a UserError if `parse_lookup` fails. Alternately, maybe it should
just return an empty array in this case since it's basically still a
"not found"

Re: [Bug hitide]: Rendering HTML from remote? 2 years ago

From Colin Reeder to ~vpzom/lotide

We certainly can't just embed untrusted HTML, but this is the same
situation as post content, which lotide sanitizes with ammonia before
returning in the API. Probably should do the same with user descriptions
and then it would be okay to render them

Re: systemd service definition files welcome? 2 years ago

From Colin Reeder to ~vpzom/lotide

On 20-12-25 06:35, Matthias Beyer wrote:
> Would you accept patches to add .service files?

Sure, that seems reasonable

Re: [RFC PATCH hitide v1 0/2] Styling patches 2 years ago

From Colin Reeder to ~vpzom/lotide

Using a background color here feels out of place somehow, but I do like
the idea of improving visual distinction for comments & post content.

Just pushed an attempt at doing this more subtly, what do you think?

Re: Plans for hitide? 2 years ago

From Colin Reeder to ~vpzom/lotide

On 20-12-23 16:08, Matthias Beyer wrote:
> Hi,
> I just found this project today and (as you can see by me firing patches) am 
> falling in love with it already.
> I would like to ask what the plans for hitide are in general? I feel like that 
> the goal is to provide a javascript-free user interface with a minimal style, 
> is that correct?
> I would love that! Would you mind a few minor visual tweaks, tho? Just CSS of 
> course! I would love to play around with the UI design a bit (I am no way a UI 
> person) to see what I can do and would then propose it here!

hitide will never require javascript to use but at some point will

Map looks broken now 2 years ago

From Colin Reeder to ~qeef/damn-project

It looks like a recent change has made the map unreadable, I have no
idea what I'm looking at