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Default Config File 22 days ago

From William Brawner to ~emersion/soju-dev

It appears that the default config file installed by the Makefile isn't actually

From the Makefile:

    [ -f $(DESTDIR)/etc/soju/config ] || cp -f $(DESTDIR)/etc/soju/config

I think it would be reasonable to set this path as the default value for the
CLI flag, in cmd/soju/main.go:

    flag.StringVar(&configPath, "config", "/etc/soju/config", "path to configuration file")

Resolving DESTDIR within the binary might be a little tricky. Does Go have
support for compile-time constants that can be passed through as build

Docker a month ago

From William Brawner to ~emersion/soju-dev


I tend to prefer running my services in a container, though I don't see
a Dockerfile present in the repo. I'd be happy to contribute one. Is
that something you'd be interested in receiving a patch for?