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IsaacScript article and some information (with correction) 8 months ago

From welt to ~welt/public-mail

I was gonna write an article about IsaacScript but you've beaten me to 
it. Good article.

I'm the one who did that long rant you quoted in Lamb's Discord guild 
(with the spider emoji as the username).

 > From a skim of the outputted code [IsaacScript] seemed to have 
quadrupled the line count in most of the functions I looked at compared 
to normal Lua (ignoring the branching functions where it tries to 
emulate some features)

I wanted to include more details about what I was testing at the time, 
and share some data and source code.

Re: Some self-hosting updates (fixed) 8 months ago

From welt to ~welt/public-mail

(Resending because I messed up the mailing list)

Time for some cope seething over one of your blog posts.

I agree that Matrix is bloated, but I disagree with basically every 
other point you made against it and for XMPP.

 > The Matrix protocol is very complex and unorthodox, which means that 
independent developers looking to develop a server software for it are 
looking at a large amount of work and testing.

What you're saying about effort would be true for anything, including a 
complete, usable XMPP server. In terms of the Matrix landscape I see 
more actually impressive/usable projects than I've seen in the XMPP world.

Signature 1 year, 2 months ago

From welt to ~tyil/rms-support

name: welt
link: https://welt.spiderden.net