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murse v0.3.0 has been released.

As mentioned in the previous announcement, this update is a transitional 
release in preparation for some breaking changes. For more information 
on that please refer to the previous announcement.

For repositories using the new format for revision files, signatures can 
now be checked by using the -s/--verify-sigs flag and piping the key to 
stdin. It does not accept a file argument.

murse upgrade open_fortress -s < file.pem
curl https://example.com/key.pem | murse verify -s -r game_dir

The toaster has been fixed, if you've had problems with it you can use 
it again. The toaster does not have backwards compatibility for the old 
TVN revision file format. Luckily, murse now has a series of operations 
under the new rewrite command. This command is for rewriting history in 
a TVN repository, with the only operation supported right now being 
"wrap." All wrap does is convert from the old format to the new one. Run 
it on the repository and you should be good to go. More operations are 
planned to be added.


- Adds support for signature checks, as well as the new format TVN is
   using for said signatures. This version supports the old format as
   well for upgrading and verification, but will be removed in a future
   non-patch release. The toast command does not have backwards
- The upgrade command will now quarantine files if signature checks are
- Toasting problems related to hanging as well as directory access has
   been fixed.
- The toast command now only supports the new post-signature format for
   revision files.
- Single-threaded upgrades are now allowed.
- The toaster now has support for the -c flag.
- A new command, rewrite, has been added. It allows you to rewrite parts
   of TVN repository as well as fix problems. Right now the only rewrite
   operation supported is "wrap," which upgrades revisions to the new
   post-signature format for revision objects.
- COPYING and ATTRIBUTION is now included by default in release files.
- Removed various references to "TVS" with "TVN."
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