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(Resending because I messed up the mailing list)

Time for some cope seething over one of your blog posts.

I agree that Matrix is bloated, but I disagree with basically every 
other point you made against it and for XMPP.

 > The Matrix protocol is very complex and unorthodox, which means that 
independent developers looking to develop a server software for it are 
looking at a large amount of work and testing.

What you're saying about effort would be true for anything, including a 
complete, usable XMPP server. In terms of the Matrix landscape I see 
more actually impressive/usable projects than I've seen in the XMPP world.

 > XMPP by contrast is another decentralized chat protocol that is far 
simpler to write for due to its straight-forward usage of XML files.

 > a more "universal" and KISS-like standard (XMPP)

It's simpler because you can skip massive parts of the spec simply 
because they're optional. The extensibility is the Achilles Heel of 
XMPP. Most of my experience on XMPP was people arguing with others about 
having OMEMO enabled, and having half my messages telling me my client 
doesn't support OMEMO, and the other half being split between my 
devices. If you're implementing XEPs that bring it up to parity to 
Matrix I'd say it's just about as complex, if not more.

Since Matrix requires the entire spec with few exceptions (i.e. you 
don't need push notifications for web clients) you see more features 
being implemented more quickly. This makes it far more "universal" than 
XMPP could really ever be.

XMPP lacks decentralization in the same way Matrix does. If a server 
hosting a room goes down or they decide to block it, it will continue to 
exist. This is in contrast to XMPP where if a server goes down so does 
the room. XMPP is about as decentralized as ActivityPub, which is to say 
it really isn'

 > In summary, XMPP is better than Matrix for those who are worried 
about the long-term sustainability and future of such a complex protocol 

A protocol can't be sustainable if it's dead and unusable. So little 
progress yet so little stability.
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