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Re: GitHub Copilot and open source laundering 9 months ago

From Wesley Moore to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Good post Drew, I agree with your thoughts and I appreciate the measured tone of the article. Just thought I'd mention in case you hadn't seen it: after complaining about Copilot to a friend they sent me this screen shot of a setting GitHub added to (try) prevent the regurgitation of existing (public) code verbatim:


Of course this requires a Copilot user to enable this versus the more desirable option of allowing code owners to opt their code out. And I'm not sure how it handles minor variations of the code but thought I'd point it out.


[PATCH] Improve layout on small displays 3 years ago

From Wesley Moore to ~spacekookie/public-inbox

 crumbs/static/css/crumbs.css  | 11 +++++++++++
 crumbs/templates/article.html |  4 ++--
 2 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/crumbs/static/css/crumbs.css b/crumbs/static/css/crumbs.css
index 9322926..a544ed8 100644
--- a/crumbs/static/css/crumbs.css
+++ b/crumbs/static/css/crumbs.css
@@ -167,3 +167,14 @@ body {
.colour13 { background-color: #6997c8; }
.colour14 { background-color: #ca98c9; }
.colour15 { background-color: #ce7b59; }

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