We're in the Gio July Community Call Thu 23. 15.30 UTC

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Hey all,

I'll be presenting some of my Gio work as well as Sprig and the whole Arbor project this Thursday during Gio's community call. You're welcome to attend. I know most of us are on eastern US time, which makes this call occur at 11:30 am. I usually take long lunches from work to attend.

We will also have a sync meeting this Thursday night at 7pm Eastern.

Check out Elias' announcement below!

Cheers, Chris

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From: Elias Naur <mail@eliasnaur.com>
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Subject: July Community Call Thu 23. 15.30 UTC

The next Gio Community call is scheduled for

        Thursday, July 23rd 2020 15.30 UTC

Chris Waldon will present his material design components,
sprig, and the Arbor chat system. Viktor Ogeman will present
his work on improving and speeding up Gio vector rendering.

The Google Meet link is


Please note that the call will be recorded and published
on YouTube.
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