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I'm happy to announce that there is now a new version of rss-email
available, version 0.4.0!

This version comes with quite a few changes, including some breaking
ones. You can find what breaking changes need manual intervention at the
bottom of this email.
As always, you will find the release notes in the 0.4.0 tag.

Thanks again to Hugo for contributing to the project.

The following major changes have been made:

* AUR packages now exist for rss-email (`rss-email` and `rss-email-git`)
* Lines in the `urls` file can now be commented out with `#`
* A man page, `rss-email.5`, has been added for the configuration file
* The configuration file now expects the `to` and `from` attributes in
   the `mail` section (previously in the global section)
* The `rss-email` folder in `$XDG_CONFIG_DIR` will not be created
   automatically anymore
* All configuration file attributes are now available as command line
   arguments for temporary changes
* Increasing verbosity is now done by command line flags instead of the
   `RUST_LOG` environment variable. Consult the man page `rss-email.1`
   for more information on this
* The sqlite cache database is now assumed to be in
   `$XDG_DATA_DIR/rss-email` by default
* A `--no-fetch` command line flag has been added that skips fetching
   new feeds

The following changes require manual intervention:

* The `from` and `to` attributes in the configuration file have been
   moved to the `mail` section
* The sqlite database is now assumed to be in `$XDG_DATA_DIR/rss-email`
   by default (previously in `$XDG_CONFIG_DIR/rss-email`)

If you have any questions or similar matters about rss-email, feel free
to send an email to `~witcher/rss-email-devel@lists.sr.ht`.
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