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Re: Seeking feedback for kiln 0.3.0 5 months ago

From wout arose to ~adnano/kiln-discuss

This is my first time replying on the sourcehut website, so bare with me.
I have installed the kiln 0.3.0-alpha through AUR.
I am building a base website following the tutorial on your website.

However, it doesn't set the correct page paths, and I struggle after
some hours to get it working.
Partly because I am not that experienced, but could it be that the
default path out of the box template is wrong?

>                      Cannot open local    ║
                    ║       file: stat       ║
                    ║  /2021/06/25/first/:   ║
                    ║    no such file or     ║
                    ║       directory.